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The winter survival guide for your child’s skin

Clarissa Hall

Clarissa Hall | 09 Jul, 2019 | 0 comments

We all know in summer to be more vigilant of our child’s skin, taking care to use suncream and aftersun. However, what about winter? The winter weather can be extremely drying for your child’s skin. This doesn’t mean they need to stay inside; go out and enjoy the fresh autumn air or laugh through that mad downpour that you hadn’t expected. But remember to give your child’s skin a little bit of extra love!

The Childs Farm moisturiser is the perfect after bath ritual to keep your child’s skin feeling and looking good – even if it doesn’t look dry it doesn’t mean that the cold weather hasn’t made it feel itchy and uncomfortable. It’s recommended that you moisturise your child’s skin within 3 minutes of getting out the bath.

Does your child have eczema? With eczema regular moisturizing is key, especially in winter months. Our moisturiser is suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema. So, remember to apply after your child’s bath.

Dress warmly. This may seem obvious, when the weathers cold and the rain is pouring however, a warm hat, glove and scarf can stop your child’s lips and hands from becoming irritated.

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Clarissa Hall

Clarissa Hall 


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