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The importance of handwashing

Clarissa Hall

Clarissa Hall | 01 Aug, 2019 | 0 comments

It’s important to teach children the benefits of good hygiene at an early age as this can lead to better health, increased self-confidence and better social skills in later life. Handwashing is one of the fundamental steps to keeping good hygiene.

It’s recommended that you wash your hands for 20 seconds, so here are some tips to making those 20 seconds extra fun for your children with our deliciously scented grapefruit and tea tree oil handwash:

1. Singing nursery rhymes

Like everything to a child, they’re going to want to do it again and again if it’s fun. Why not learn the nursery rhymes during those 20 seconds. Our Childs Farm bottles are the perfect starter for ‘Old McDonald had a farm’.

2. Sticker rewards 

You probably have sticker charts for other achievements but why not have one for handwashing? Children love a reward and it’s a great way to promote a little healthy competition between siblings.

3. Make bubbles

Children like bubbles. That’s why we made sure our handwash can make lots of soapy bubbles, a bonus for you too as you’ll know they’ve washed their hands properly if they have foamy hands.

4. Do it too!

Let them learn by example! Wash your hands with them so they learn how you’re meant to do it, maybe add a little dance, or sing a little song! Tell them about germs, and wave goodbye to them as you watch the suds go down the sink.

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Clarissa Hall

Clarissa Hall 


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