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Spring has sprung!

Clarissa Hall

Clarissa Hall | 21 Aug, 2019 | 0 comments

Spring is slowly appearing, the trees are blossoming, the birds are bustling, and lizards are taking their first few steps. These first few days of spring are sure to be encouraging you and your little ones to get outside and we’ve got the perfect products to get them squeaky clean when they get back in.

shampoo & conditioner

No matter what their age they all want luscious locks, those wind-swept waves or whatever is deemed trendy on the school playground this term. Here at Childs Farm we’ve developed the perfect product for the job – our strawberry and organic mint shampoo and condition. A product to leave them with luscious locks, a moisturised scalp and a gorgeous scent that is sure to make a hit with adults too!

2 in 1

We’ve even got it covered for those lazy washers too, our 2 in 1 shampoo and condition, a product that with one wash will clean their hair, detangle those knots and leave them smelling fantastc with our vanilla custard and rhubarb aroma – available exclusively at Woolies or on our website.


Some hair is more stubborn than others, or just that little more sea tangled, mud covered. That’s why we created our detangler with grapefruit and tea tree oil. A light spray that takes out even the toughest of knots and tangles. The grapefruit aroma and tea tree oil leaves hair smelling fresh and clean too!

bubble bath

As for their skin – our foaming bubble bath makes bubbly bubbles fragranced with fruity aromas including blueberry and organic mango, organic raspberry and organic tangerine. To leave their skin clean, moisturised and smelling sweetly. So it really doesn’t matter what they get up to during the day.

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Clarissa Hall

Clarissa Hall 


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